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Power source and burn time of Backup lights
Last Updated 6 years ago

There are two types of Backup lights in Light For Me offer that differ in their power source:
- standard version powered by 3 x C-size (rechargeable) batteries
- MINI version powered by one Lithium-Ion 18650 rechargeable battery

Burn times of backup lights (both versions) depend on the quality and capacity of the batteries used.
We recommend using high quality batteries coming from reliable sources.

LFM Backup lights are not equipped in any electronics (driver), so they will be switched on as long as the power source allows, gradually lowering the emitted light power.

Due to the variety of batteries available and their quality, it is best to assume the following burn times:
Backup (MINI) TEC - around 8h full power
Backup (MINI) 3XPG - around 1.5h full power
Backup (MINI) XML - around 1.5h full power
After the above time, the light power will be visibly lower.

The above burn times are rounded and estimated and depend on many factors: battery charge level, their age and efficiency, ambient temerature etc.

Below you will find a few remarks concerning safety of using the batteries in backup lights:

Before inserting the batteries into the backup’s body, check their condition - do not use damaged or broken batteries. The batteries should be put into the backup’s body with the sign – (minus) to the head and with the sign + (plus)to the inner part of the body. Placing the battery the other way may cause a complete and irreversible damage to the light diode. Do not force the batteries into the backup body, they should go in / out easily. Always use the same brand of batteries, do not mix old with new and empty with fully charged ones. If powering the backup with the rechargeable batteries,
charge them according to the specification given by the manufacturer with the appropriate and approved charger.

Characteristics of Li-Ion 18650 battery:
• cylindrical lithium-ion cell
• nominal voltage around 3.7V
• positive terminal nub at one end and flat negative terminal at the other
• available with an internal protection circuit to prevent over-discharge and shortcircuit damage
• for safety reasons recharging requires use of chargers specified for these cells
• dimensions: 18.3mm x 65.2mm (diameter x length)
• no memory effect and no scheduled cycling required to prolong the battery's life
• high capacity
• stable discharge voltage
• high voltage / light weight battery

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