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My backup light is going on / off / is dimmed without any reason - why?
Last Updated 6 years ago

Backup lights do not have any electronics / driver built-in for safety purposes.
This means they will be turned on for as long as their battery allows. That is why it is important to use high quality genuine batteries.

If your backup light suddenly goes on/off, powers on/off intermittently or its light is dimmed, do the following:
1. Check the batteries: if they are rechargeable, charge them full according to their manufacturer's specification using appropriate charger.
2. Try different - brand new - batteries. Even if you do not use your backup light regularly and often, the battery / batteries inside may be simply old and used.
3. Clean contact surfaces - the grease used on sealing orings moves onto the thread and the contact surfaces, blocking them. That is natural and does not require any particular tools to clean, all you need is paper towel and ear-buds (or similar non invasive means):
- First clean the inside of the head, the silver / golden ring around the spring
- then clean the unanodised surface on the backup body that touches the above mentioned ring when the body is twisted to the head - if you see greyish / blackish grease on the paper towel - nothing to worry.
- if the contact surface on the backup body is uneven and scabrous - it might be worth treating it with fine sandpaper. Just be careful not to damage the orings. This surface needs to be clean and smooth - otherwise it is likely to remove the silver / golden surface inside the backup head.

If the above does not help, please open a ticket and let our service team know.

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