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Charging - how to, issues, troubleshooting
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How to use the charger / charge the battery pack:

  1. Connect the charger to the torch RCA charging point.
  2. Connect the AC power cord to the socket, the ”power” led will go solid red.
  3. The charger will check the battery pack charge level (four green leds flashing one by one) and then show it (each 25% battery pack charge level will be shown by one solid green led, eg.: 2 solid green leds mean half of the battery pack is full).
  4. Depending on the charge level, leds will light up solid green light in sequence until the battery back is full.
  5. Once the battery pack is full, disconnect the charger first from the mains/socket and then from the charge point.
Important: For ACCUs with 2 RCA ports: while charging the battery pack, only the charger should be connected to the ACCU. Do not connect / keep the light head connected during the charging process. Do not switch the light head on while the battery pack is charged.

Below are some of the troubleshooting Q&A:
Issue Solution
Charger seems to be broken / does not charge properly / one of its cord is broken. Charger needs servicing / replacing. Do not use the charger if suspect it's faulty. Contact the authorised service point / manufacturer of the ACCU.
Nothing happens when the charger is connected to the ACCU. 1. Check the charger's cords (broken, torn etc).
2. Check if it is connected to the power.
3. Is the red power led on?
4. Does the charger do the self-test (four green leds flashing one by one)?
5. What happens when you press or twist the RCA connector of the charger inside the ACCU's RCA port? Sometimes, the RCA connector on the charger gets loose, sometimes the RCA port gets dirty - both may influence the charging process.
All green leds flash at the same time. Check if correct charger is connected to the ACCU. If yes, then either charger or battery pack is damaged. Disconnect the charger from the ACCU, contact the authorised service point / manufacturer.
One of the green led does not flash.
It seems this led is faulty but this may not influence the charging process. Contact the authorised service point / manufacturer if in doubt.
I am going abroad, can I use my charger there?
Yes, provided the power grid specs are right for the charger:
Input voltage: 100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz
Can I keep the charger with the rest of my diving equipment?
Charger's housing is IP54 certfied (dust protected, water splashing resistant), but it is advised not to keep the charger together with the (often wet) diving equipment for safety reasons.

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