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Burn time - how to calculate it?
Last Updated 3 years ago

To calculate the burn time of the main light set up, you need to take two factors into the equation: light head power - given in Watts
battery pack voltage (V) and capacity (Ah)

Light For Me light heads have the following values (max power output - 100% mode):
3XML Alexandra: 30W
4TEC: 18W
NW4: 11W / 12W / 23W
7XPE: 22W
7XML: 84W
NW7: 18W / 30W / 48W

As an example, let's take the NW7 light head with ACCU M- 8.6Ah

Battery pack: 14.4V x 8.6Ah = 124Wh (rounded)

124Wh : 18W (first, narrow mode) = 6.8h burn time
124Wh : 30W (second, wide mode) = 4.1h burn time
124Wh : 48W (third, narrow-wide mode) = 2.6h burn time

For safety reasons, the above burn times should be lowered of 10-15%.

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