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How to choose the best ligth set up for me?
Last Updated 3 years ago

There a few factors that should be considered when choosing the best light set up:

types of diving we usually do:
Is it only occasional recreational diving whilst at holidays? Is it regular recreational diving? Are you a recreational diver but plan to move into technical diving world soon?

For most of the occasional recreational diving an umbilical light set-up is not needed. It's better to consider hand-held lights as backup lights, 2XML or 4XPG.

water conditions of the diving: are the waters you dive in mainly clear with good visibility? Or are they murky, dark and with poor visibility?
Water conditions have influence over the light beam choice: in the clear water you may use light head with a wider beam, in low visibility murky waters it is better to consider narrow beam lights.

purpose of the light: is the light needed only to light up the things underwater? Is it to be used for communication? Both?
For communication, it is best to use the light head with a narrow beam.

burn time needed: is 2-3h burn time enough between the charging or do you need longer burn time for a day of diving?
With backup lights it is advisable to have two sets of batteries and replace them if needed between the dives (for more on Backup lights' batteries, check here.).
With main lights, burn time depends both on the light head power and ACCU's battery pack - for how to calculate the burn time, check here.

These are a few, but possibly not all, the factors to consider when choosing the best (for you) light set up.

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