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What types of batteries are needed to power LFM backup light?
Last Updated 6 years ago

There are tow types of backups in LFM offer:

  • standard body - powered by 3 x C-size battery, also available as rechargeable batteries.
  • MINI body - powered by 1 x 18650 Li-Ion rechargeable battery.
Please note that LFM backups are offered without batteries. We recommend using high quality batteries obtained from a reliable source.

C / R14 battery properties:
  • measurement: 50mm (1.97in) length x 26.2mm (1.03 in) diameter
  • nominal voltage 1.5V
  • capacity depends on the battery chemistry and discharge conditions:
    • alkaline - up to 8000 mAh
    • rechargeable NiMH - up to 6000 mAh
    • zinc-carbon - up to 3800 mAh
Characteristics of Li-Ion 18650 battery:
• cylindrical lithium-ion cell
• nominal voltage around 3.7V
• positive terminal nub at one end and flat negative terminal at the other
• available with an internal protection circuit to prevent over-discharge and shortcircuit damage
• for safety reasons recharging requires use of chargers specified for these cells
• dimensions: 18.3mm x 65.2mm (diameter x length)
• no memory effect and no scheduled cycling required to prolong the battery's life
• high capacity
• stable discharge voltage
• high voltage / light weight battery

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